Veermyn: Rats going into the Deadzone

Some time ago I wrote about my Kickstarter pledge for the new Deadzone expansion from Mantic games. Since the Kickstarter has ended, Mantic games has made quite some progress bringing this expansion into reality. Through their updates on Kickstarter, they have kept their backers ‘up to date’ on the progress they are making and have given me some insight into the process behind the creation of a miniatures game. And to be fair, the more I get to know the game, the more enthusiastic I’m becoming.

The new Deadzone Logo
The new Deadzone Logo – Image by Mantic Games

Some of the updates that Mantic is doing are of minor importance. The new and modified logo for the game is something that is not really important for gameplay but cool none the less. What gets my hobby juices really flowing are the renders for the new models and the new industrial scenery kits they are making. And these renders are really looking awesome. Not only do they convey an idea of the models I’ll end up getting, they also show some remarkable likeness to the concept art that was showing during the Kickstarter campaign.

The main focus of the updates have been the new Veermyn faction that will be added to Deadzone. For people not into the Warpath/Deadzone universe: the Veermyn these are basically your Skaven models from Games Workshop but in a Sci-fi setting. And rats with chemical weapons, space guns and mutated space monsters are, to put it plainly, super cool. In addition, the Veemyn seem to shake up the Deadzone. After all, Deadzone is a game based on small strike teams. But as far as you can play a ‘horde’ style of faction, the Veermyn might just become that faction: a faction made up of countless expendable minions backed by some hardhitting ‘monster’ type models.

Various new Veermyn models for Deadzone
3d Render of Various new Veermyn models – Image by Mantic Games

All in all, at this time I think the Veermyn will be one of the coolest factions in the Deadzone game. They contrast nicely with the factions that are already available. Factions that will also get new toys to play around with when Deadzone: Infestation will arrive early next year. The models shown thus far are very nice looking. The scenery is well detailed and is also useful for other 28mm sci-fi wargames and I’m already planning on the way I’m going to assemble all this goodness. Something I’ll write about soon (I hope).

Now it’s only waiting until my ‘early shipment’ with the original game and expansions will arrive. That set will give me some more insight in the game and the modelling opportunities that the Deadzone game and the Battle Zones scenery have. They have ensured me that the early shipment will come this month or early October. So I’m already looking forward to see the mailman arrive and hand over a nice big box with toys 🙂


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