Beastmen: Creatures of the foul Gods

The children of the Dark Gods have emerged from the dark forests of the Old World. Or, if I’m more precisely, the dark forests of a world that has died. The Warhammer Old World has been shattered after all. And even though Games Workshop has ended Warhammer Fantasy, there is still life in Warhammer 8th edition for me. The reason for this is that, even though I think that Age of Sigmar is a nice and fast beer and pretzels game, I still think that Warhammer Fantasy has more and deeper tactical possibilities. Therefore I dusted of my Beastmen army to get it ready for some proper gaming.

Warhammer Beastmen army on display board
There is still some work to be done but this beastmen army is slowly taking shape.

I have to admit that this Beastmen army is in fact not my own army but my wife’s army. But because of certain circumstances, my wife is unable to paint most of the smaller miniatures. This means that building and painting this army is a joined effort that satisfies us both. It also is an aspect that I really I like about boardgames – and miniatures games in particular – as it bring people together in a friendly social environment. Playing a game with friends and family, assembling and painting miniatures with people you like or simply having a chat with friends about the lore behind the wonderful and fantastical worlds that have been created as a background for our games. Elements that add up to a good atmosphere and a good time together.

In the case of this Beastmen army, the tasks at hand are clearly divided. My wife cleans up the various parts of the miniatures and assembles them to create the hordes of beasts that make up this army. In addition, she has taken up the task of painting up the larger models such as the Cygor, Giant and the Gorgon (not in the picture). At the same time, I’m tasked with cleaning and assembling the metal miniatures and painting the hordes of Ungors, Gors and Beastigors. This way, we both contribute to this pretty awesome army that will feature a prominent spot in our display cabinet.

To have a proper showcase for our army, we also love to create ‘display bases’ for our armies. These displays simply add a little ‘extra’ touch to the army that putting the miniatures in a glass case cannot match. Especially as we try to theme our display boards in such a way that it matches and reinforces the look and feel of the army. In other words, the display bases function as a way to tell a story about the army it houses. In addition building these display boards allows us to store the army (and scenery) in an ‘orderly’ way and be sure that the precious and fragile miniatures will not be damaged.

Games Workshop Warhammer Lizardmen army on display board
This display board for my Lizardmen army will (eventually) turn into a lush jungle full of cold blooded creatures. Also, sorry for the poor image quality of my mobile phone photo 😉

Making a display board is also rather easy and something I’ll write about soon. But for now I can say that you can create such an awesome display board using simply hobby materials such as Styrofoam, foamboard and decorative wood strips. Cut some ‘holes’ in the foamboard, glue some sand and static grass to the ground and add some scenery that matches the ‘theme’ of your army and you are done!

As for the progress on this army, I will keep you all informed of course. At this time, the display board is almost finished and the Citadel trees are waiting some last drybrushes before they can be placed in their slots. Some ‘shrubs’ will have to be added to add to the ‘forest’ feel of the ground and the rocks still have to be painted. I have also started work on the Khornegors, models that I think are really cool, but since the last version of the Beastmen armybook these models have been reduced to mere proxies for Bestigors. In addition, my wife has started painting the Cygor and is ready to assemble the last Gors and Ungors. All in all, the army is progressing and starting to look even more awesome every day…

So how do you store and showcase your army? Do you store your army in an army transport case so you are always ready for some gaming? Do you place you miniatures in a glass cabinet? Or are you crazy like me and go ‘all the way’ with the creation of some cool looking display bases? Let me know in the comments!

Warhammer Beastmen Khornegor
Hopefully my Khornegors will turn out this pretty. – Models painted by CMON user Dogstarminis

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