Things to look forward to: Thoughest Girls in the Galaxy 2

As I’ve said a couple of times before: I’m a big fan of good looking miniatures. I’m also a guy who likes narrative and therefore I like to ‘theme’ my miniature armies. My former Empire army was strongly themed around the province of Hochland, and currently I’m working on Empire armies for Averland and Middenheim. Especially the latter offers great modelling opportunities, as Middenheim and Middenland are two of the most distinct armies in the Empire. They follow another Deity in the form of the Wolfgod Ulric, they are a bit more ‘savage’ – in a positive kind ‘Stark or Northerner Game of Thrones kind of way – and their coloursceme and dresscode is just a bit different from an ‘ordinary’ Empire army.

The thing I always wanted for my Empire collection, was a kind of crusader / witch hunter themed army. An army based on the Sisters of Sigmar or Witchhunter warbands from Mordheim. In other words, an army with a distinct look and feel based on religious zealots and the inquisition against ‘witches’ in the Old World. But since Games Workshop has seized support for this game a few years ago, and I’m not the best sculptor in the world, this project has been a project on the backburner. At least, it was a project on hold until the French model company Raging Heroes started their second Kickstarter to raise funds for their “Toughest Girls in the Galaxy 2” project.

Raging Heroes
Besides the beautiful Witch Elf and Deamonette figurines, Raging Heroes makes some mean looking monsters. Since their previous Kickstarter, Toughest Girls in the Galaxy, they have expanded their model line to include lots of female sci-fi characters. This is what separates Raging Heroes from most other model companies. Because most miniature manufacturers produce mainly male models. Take a look at Games Workshop and Warhammer Fantasy for example, the only female models are some Bretonnian Damsels, a couple of female wizards and their line of Witch Elves. Warhammer 40k is no different. We could argue that the Sisters of Battle (or Adepta Sororitas) are a full female army, their range is poorly supported. And the remainder of female models can be counted on two hands…

A big complain many people have about female gaming models, is the fact that these models often ‘objectify’ women. And in many ways I have to agree with these people. Female miniatures are often scarcely clad, have ‘unnatural’ proportions – eg big boobs and way to small waistline etc – and thus seem to be made to appeal to male lust. This also applies to some degree to the female models made by Raging Heroes (although we have to take into account that these models are made by French people ;-)). However, even though many of the Raging Heroes are ‘sexy’ they are not really going for the sexist tour and the ‘Damsel in distress’ tropes. In fact, the models made by Raging Heroes are women with ‘balls’ – if I’m allowed to use that world in this context –. By this I mean that these models represent powerful women that can stand on their own, are not to be messed with and do not take orders from ‘male supremacists’. In other words, Raging Heroes makes Power Women who manage their own business.

A small dilemma
When Kickstarter pointed me at the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2, my interest was immediately raised. After all, this was a Kickstarter that made it possible to create an all female Sisters of Sigmar army. Even before the stretch goals were met, it included quite a large selection of model I could see working in my planned army. It had lovely character models that I could use as Warrior Priests, Witch Hunters, Captains and Arch Lectors. In addition, it already featured quite a few models I wanted to use as Greatswords, Swordsmen and Free Company. While the campaign was running, and more stretch goals were unlocked, knights became available as a selection option. Finally there were the Angels that just look too awesome not to implement in my army, and a War Pulpit that would make a great War Altar for my Arch Lector. All in all, I added all the models together and made a considerate pledge… Until…

Until the rumours around Age of Sigmar became more strong, and it became more and more apparent that Warhammer was going into a totally new direction. Having made a large pledge to create a (now) ‘old skool’ army this almost seems like a waste of money. I’ll get all these super great models, but will not be likely to use them as people will switch to a new system for Warhammer. Gone are the large blocks that I planned my army and pledge around, and new are the smaller skirmish armies that will make up Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. So what do I have to do with my pledge? Well, the answer is not so certain as there are quite a few options that all look rather appealing.

Weighing my options…

Stick to the original plan
The first option is to keep to my plan and build an ‘Old Hammer’ Empire army based on my initial selection and ideas. This way, I’ll still have the great models I wanted and be able to create an army that is truly unique in my gaming group. But as I mentioned above, it is to be expected that quite a few players will make the switch to Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. Therefore it might become harder to find players and be able to use my lovely miniatures in battle. Still I like this idea and be able to have this special build army.

Build a totally new Warhammer Army
My second option is to change my pledge around, and build a Dark Elf army. As I already have a large Empire army, building another army seems a bit decadent… However, I do not have a Dark Elf army, and using the miniatures from the Lust Elves and Dark Elves ranges in the Toughest Girls in the Galaxy range, I’ll be able to build a new army and offer friends another option to play when they have not taken their own armies with them. In addition, it offers me the option to delve into a ‘new’ race and maybe have some special models I could use in Age of Sigmar.

Go 40k, Go Dark Eldar
The third option is to change all things around and take a different approach. In this case I’ll go down the Warhammer 40k route and build a Dark Eldar army. The sci-fi Dark Elf en Lust Elf models are truely a sight to behold, and getting into 40k with these splendid models will be a real treat. In addition, my army will be very unique and will be even more decadent looking than the Dark Eldar models that GW makes. The problem is that I’ll have to invest into some GW models to get a proper army. That is, I’ll need to buy some transports and other vehicles to get my army into combat.

Sisters of Battle are GO!
The final option is to go for a Sisters of Battle army, either using the Space Marine Codex, or by hoping that Games Workshop will one day release a new Adepta Sororitas codex. This is the route that, besides keeping my original idea, appeals to me most. The Sisters models look truely stunning, and the selection of models and troop types roughly covers the selections I’d like to have for my army. Space Marine Tactical squad? Check… Assault Marines with Jumppacks? Check… Terminators? Check… Character models? Again check… Dreadnaught or Penitent Engine? Double check! I even have a Immolator laying around somewhere, so I’d only need a Rhino or Razorback and were in…

Will this become an Empire War Altar or will it become a Dreadnaught or Penitent Engine?
Will this become an Empire War Altar or will it become a Dreadnaught or Penitent Engine?

Time to think
Fortunately for me, Raging Heroes has announced that their pledge manager for Kickstarter will only launch when their first batch of Toughest Girls in the Galaxy 2 miniatures are ready to be casted and send to their backers. This means that I still have time to think about the direction I want to take my pledge to. It is a shame that my original idea might be a bit compromised by the new direction that GW is taking with Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. But at the same time I am lucky that Raging Heroes has such a wide assortment of super awesome minis I can pick from in their Kickstarter campaign.

So what do you think I should do? Leave a comment and inform me about your ideas!

Super awesome Sisters of Sigmar knights...
Super awesome Sisters of Sigmar knights…

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