Soldiers of Khaine

To be honest, I have never really liked the Dark Elves. For some reason seem to like the more optimistic beat of (old) Bretonnia, the diversity of the Empire or the elegance of the High Elves better. But even though I´m not a large fan of the Dark Elves, I do have to admit that I have a history with the Dark Elves. When I was just getting into the Warhammer and wargaming hobby around 1996, just after the release of the 5th edition of Warhammer, the Dark Elves were my allies whenever I played Warhammer Fantasy. And because we had only small armies and our mutual opponent had a relatively large army, we would combine our Empire, Dark Elves and sometimes Dwarf forces so we would have ‘large’ battle of around 1250 or 1500 points. Yes, as kids we did not have truly huge armies (or parents willing to invest money into our expensive hobby)…

Maybe the nastiest ranged weapons in Warhammer fantasy, Repeater Crossbows can unleash a truly deadly volley onto your troops

The reason I do not like the Dark Elves in the same way I like the High Elves or Wood Elves, is the fact that I deem the Dark Elves too sadistic in their fluff. It is not their models, the latest incarnations of the Dark Elf models are truely astounding compaired to the High Elf archers or spearmen. But the ‘fluff’ is also a large part for me. What I do like is the reference to North America in an ironic and powergreedy way. Even if I have to admit that all Americans I have met in real life are truly great and nice people 🙂

It might be the same weapon as the High Elves use, it is lacks the elegance of their arrogant but good brethren

Like the Chaos army I have painted up though, it is great to be sometimes able to paint miniatures for other people. Especially on a commission basis! Not only does it offer an opportunity to paint miniatures I would normally not buy, but I also get paid for it… It just feels wicked writing about it. In the upcoming days I’ll probably go into more depth about the different models I painted. And also the fact that I do own a couple of Dark Elves now… Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures and hopefully till soon.

Although I don’t like Dark Elves, I do like dinosaurs… I’m now in a personal dilemma



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