The one Saruman SHOULD be

In my post on Saruman the White, I mentioned that I really wanted to paint up a Gandalf miniature. Because of all the characters in the Lord of the Rings universe, Gandalf might be the most mysterious person. He is a character you get to know rather well, but Gandalf remains at the same time a person in the shadows. A character who has the tendency to disappear when he is needed most (away on urgent business) and suddenly reappears out of nowhere. In addition, Ian McKellen really brings him too live and did a great job of translating Gandalf from the literary work of Tolkien to the bombastic films of Peter Jackson.


The miniatures of Gandalf made by Games Workshop mimic the appearance of Ian McKellen really well, and most of his miniatures capture the majestic feel of Ian McKellens version of Gandalf. I must admit that I haven’t pained up a new Gandalf miniature yet. The pictures shown here, are of a Gandalf mini I painted up a couple of years ago for a friend of mine. As you can see from this miniature, he is not quite on par with the Saruman mini I posted recently, but at the same time I have to say that capturing these tiny figurines on film also makes all the little mistakes stand out more. In real life, the different shadows and highlights are far less pronounced then these pictures suggest. Still, digging up these images from my digital archive and seeing the pictures of Gandalf on Shadowfax again really gets the minipainting fever starting again. So maybe, when I’m done with some important work in my house, I’ll hopefully be able again to paint up Gandalf again and show you a ‘new and improved’ Gandalf soon.



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