My first pledge

By now, it might be clear that I have a soft spot for games. Ever since I was a child, I have loved boardgames, videogames and later on wargames (Warhammer Fantasy in particular). There is something about games that just makes me feel great. I guess it is the interaction with friends and family and just having ‘fun’ without any real obligations. On the other hand, it might be that the game publishers add some kind of magic substance in their boxes that gives a newly opened game the addictive smell of goodness. I also love the anticipation I have just before opening a shrink wrapped box and finding all the great bits and pieces inside, reading through the rules and discovering the inventive ways that game designers allow us to interact in a structured environment. Come to think about it, I think I’m addicted to games and miniatures…

Mantic Games is clearly inspired by Games Workshop’s table top empire. Space Skaven attack a a unit of human colonists

While I am blessed with a couple of great gaming stores in my region, there are so many games published that it is impossible for a shop to stock them all. And for a player it is impossible alone trying them all as my financial resources are unfortunately not unlimited, let alone the time I have available to play them all. Fortunately, there is this magical thing called ‘the internet’. And this magical web of optical fibre connections, wireless networks and a whole lot of strange high tech accessories makes it possible to discover games that might not be available in my Friendly Local Gaming Store. Add to this that you can exchange experiences and can now even support new, unreleased games and you have a whole lot of gaming pleasure at the tip of your fingers.

Deadzone does not use rangerulers but ‘squares’ and cubes. The starterset seems to include quite a lot of pieces and it looks like you get everything you need to start playing. No additional purchases are needed, but they do add to the experience 😉

So last Monday, I have done something I have never done before: have I made my first pledge on Kickstarter. Although my pledge was not for a kind of fancy independent developer who is looking to publish his or her first (or second or whatever) game, it even isn’t a pledge for a game that is not yet available or innovative… No, my pledge is a pledge to support my ‘plastic crack’ habit ;-)I’ve been looking for a miniature wargame that can be played in a relatively short time for a while now. Because although I like the massive battles you can fight in Warhammer (40.000), these games tend to take the best part of an afternoon. Add in the setup and breakdown time and you are looking at a whole day, just to play a single game. A game of Lord of the Rings Strategy battles (at least the skirmish games not the War of the Ring version) tend to take less time, but are not really a great option if your opponent does not want to invest a lot of time in learning all the small rules. Something that also goes for the Warmachine/Hordes games made by Privateer Press. Another game had to be found…

Skaven!!! In Space!!!
Woohooo!!! Skaven!!! In Space!!!

Enter Mantic games and their Warpath universe games. Although Warpath is a massive scale wargame like Warhammer 40.000 (in fact, a lot of former Games Workshop employees work for Mantic games), their Deadzone game seemed to offer a great skirmish level miniature. A game that can be played in 1 or 2 hours and also offers campaign rules so you can link your games in one large narrative. Call it a hybrid game that combines the depth of a wargame with the easy to learn rules of a boardgame. This sounded great to me, especially when I discovered they had a Kickstarter running for a 2nd edition. So after looking through some reviews and ‘lets play’ videos on Boardgamegeek I decided it was worth a plunge and commit myself with a Kickstarter pledge.

Scenery booster for extra depth and tactical posibilities. I won’t be buying this one, as I opted for some ‘industrial’ scenery in my Kickstarter pledge

The only thing that is a shame, is that a Kickstarter pledge is only the beginning. Because unlike a game you buy from a shop and have instantly, or a purchase from a webshop you receive the next day, the waiting for the game has begun. According to the Kickstarter page on Deadzone, shipping will only start in January next year. All the artwork, the models and the revised rules still have to be developed. This is something you KNOW when you make a pledge, but it is something that will test my patience thoroughly. On the other hand, I do hope though that my ‘add-ons’ might ship earlier, so I can take my first steps into the Warpath and Deadzone universe before next year.

Note: All images in this post are from Mantic Games

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