Blood for the Blood God

Of all the different Chaos Gods, Khorne must be the one I appreciate least. My preferred Chaos God is in many ways the exact opposite of the Lord of Slaughter and Skulls. In fact, unlike the Warhammer 40,000 rivalry between, Tzeench was in Warhammer Fantasy the arch enemy of Khorne. But, let us face it from a positive perspective, the alliances between the Chaos gods have shifted and Games Workshop has changed that to comply with the 40k lore.

The reason why I do not like Khorne is mostly background based. Khorne is just too one sided and too violent for my taste. Besides that, I prefer a tad more intellect and artistry. So the Lord of plotting, scheming and planning fits my taste more. Even the violence of the Lord of Pleasure is more appealing to me, as the bloodlust of the Dark Prince is of a more ‘refined’ form (if there is any form of murder or torture that can be considered refined). Compared to Tzeench and Slaanesh, Khorne’s background is literally Blood for the Blood god, Skulls for the Skull throne. On the other hand I have to admit that I like the brutal look of Khorne miniatures. Of all the Chaos figurines these guys look the most menacing, although some of them are too over the top and become caricatures of caricatures.

The Bloodthirster of Khorne might just be the most powerful deamon of all deamons
The Bloodthirster of Khorne might just be the most powerful deamon of all deamons

The great thing of painting miniatures for other people, is the fact that sometimes you get to paint models that you would normally not paint. And when someone from the US contacted me to paint a Bloodthrister and a Khorne Lord, it was impossible for me to refuse. Afterall, who can resist the opportunity to paint some splendid models while also getting paid for it? I couldn’t… even if it meant that I had to send these freshly painted models back across the pond and never see them again.

The biggest challenge I faced though, was not so much the paintjob. No, the biggest problem was ensuring that these metal models would not fall into pieces when they would be shipped many thousands of miles in an airplane across the Atlantic Ocean. That meant that every single piece had to be pinned. Some pieces even had two or three pins in them to be sure that they wouldn’t break. Something I accidently tested when the Bloodthrister fell of my painting desk and came out unscratched.

This Khornate Chaos Lord stands on a rather tall pile of trophies for his deity
This Khornate Chaos Lord stands on a rather tall pile of trophies for his deity

While talking about the paintjob, I have to note that the photo’s do not do these models real justice. As requested by my client, I painted up these two models in the common Games Workshop colour scheme. That means bright reds combined with black and brass. A colour scheme I rather like because the warm colour of brass enhances the reds while the detailing in blacks do not distract from the general feel of these miniatures. In the future, I plan to paint some Khornate deamons for my own daemon army. Though this is something for the long term, as I have way too many miniatures still waiting for a paintjob: starting with my wife’s Beastmen and my own Averland themed Empire army (which is where my blog name comes from). I’ll keep you all updated on further progress and in the meantime, enjoy the photos of these two Khornenate warriors 🙂


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