But there is no such army

One of the scenes in the Lord of the Rings trilogy that impressed me most, was the moment that Saruman and Grima Wormtongue stepped onto the balcony of the Orthanc tower and the camera panned out to show a huge army of Uruk Hai. “Surely there is no such army”, Grima had said a few seconds before. But Saruman showed there is in fact an army of 10,000 warriors ready to wreak havoc on the realms of mankind.

While one might aspire an army of 10,000 toy soldiers, in reality such an army would both be incomprehensible expensive and impossible to store in any normal home. Still, even a small army of Uruk hai can be a sight to behold. Especially the Uruk Hai pikeman make an impression when ranked up and ready to receive a charge. At the same time I have to admit that the bezerkers look rather menacing and show that these guys are not to be messed with.

Uruk Hai overview
Uruk Hai march against the free men of Rohan

As I had said in my opening post on Lord of the Rings, these models are really detailed and most of them are a pleasure to paint. And because these Uruk Hai warriors feature so much armour, they can be painted really quick. A couple of drybrushes finished with a black/brown wash and most of the model is finished and ready for battle. The leaders and bezerkers have to get a little bit extra attention, but these guys are also fairly easy to paint up. The end result is an army that not only looks dangerous, but also highly organised. A mix that is also shown in the rules for the troops of Isengard. These guys are tough and are also relatively courageous, so breaking them in battle can be quite a pain. The pikemen also have some nice bonuses when they are charged by cavalry, and like in the real world, the result for the cavalry is often a bloodbath.

Uruk Hai sappers, ready to breach the walls of Helmsdeep
Uruk Hai sappers, ready to breach the walls of Helmsdeep

All in all, I have to say that the troops of Isengard are one of my favourite factions in Lord of the Rings. They have some great models, the rules fit their background and the figures are a pleasure to paint. And best of all, because Uruk Hai are relatively expensive troops point wise, you can quickly get an army ready for war.


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