Powerhouse of Energy

Nothing says ‘Power house of Energy’ more than a fully armed, armoured and painted up unit of Chaos Warriors. Warriors of Chaos are some of the most feared infantry models in Warhammer Fantasy. And the Chaos warriors are rightly feared. They have a great stat line, with high weaponskill, high strength and toughness and combined with pretty good initiative and leadership. Combine this with the options to customize your unit and some great armour and you have a unit that not only packs a punch, but is also resilient against most attacks.

Nothing else says I'm badass Chaos than an eight pointed star on the back of your cape.
Nothing else says I’m badass Chaos than an eight pointed star on the back of your cape.

The Chaos armydeal that Games Workshop launched for the Storm of Chaos was a great way for me to paint up some of the cool Chaos models. To be honest, I did (and still do) not play with a Warriors of Chaos army. But the opportunity to paint these models and make someone happy with some nicely painted models was too good to be true. This meant that I have auctioned off my entire Chaos Warriors army to pay for my Storm of Chaos Empire armydeal, a deal which is not bad as I had the pleasure to paint some models I’d normally not would paint and practice my armour painting skills.

Chaos Warriors with two handweapons
These models look so militaristic and evil that it’s immediately clear that you do not want to mess with these warriors

In the end, I’m rather happy with the paintjob I did on these models and the variation I was able to put into these rather uniform and disciplined troops. Add in some freehand Chaos stars on the cloaks of the warriors and you have a small unit that looks rather impressive on the gaming table. Now I only have to paint up the special edition Battle Standard bearer that came with the armydeal, as I kept this model for my display collection. After that I will have to finish the Hell Cannon one day, because who does not like some evil Dwarfs?



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