Norse Raiders

Marauders are the lowliest troops in the mortal armies of Chaos. But being the lowliest troops in an army of elite soldiers still means that these guys can stand their own on the fields of battle. Afterall, these guys are no Goblins or Skaven Slaves by any means. In fact, Marauders would in most other armies be one of the most strong choices available. Yes, with their naked upper bodies they might lack the armour that many other rank and file troops have and because of that they might not be the most durable option available. But because of the tough climate in which the Norse raiders grew up these guys are still pretty hard folks.


Because Chaos Marauders lack the armour of most other Warriors of Chaos troops, they offer great opportunities to paint something different and practice some other painting skills. What is particularly striking about these models are the over exaggerated muscles on these troops. And while the exaggeration might not be the most realistic part of these models, we have to keep in mind that these Marauders live in a fantasy world. The fact that the Marauders have such huge muscles also means that they are relatively easy to paint. Start with a flesh colour, add a wash on top of that base and you already have some good looking models. Paint some extra muscular lines on top of that base to further pronounce their might and these guys will rock any battlefield.


Because I had no idea on the way I should equip these warriors, I opted to give them the coolest wargear on the sprue. Yes, I know that flails give them a strength bonus on the first round of combat, but by doing so you also sacrifice some durability in the form of a shield. And as because none of my armies have flails as a weapons option, and because these flails just look very deadly, I choose these two handed weapons. I recon I did not make a mistake there, because the end result looks rather intimidating and it does not seem like a unit I’d like to face on the blood stained battlegrounds of Warhammer.


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