Am I evil? Yes I am!

When we compare this Chaos Lord with Archaon on foot, we can only conclude that there is one true chosen Lord of Chaos. Archaon towers literally over this model and he dwarfs any and all other warriors in a mortal Chaos army. Only the largest monsters and deamons stand a chance against the might of the Everchosen, the one warriors who is blessed by all four Chaos gods. But that impressive posture comes with a price. As, like I mentioned in my blogpost on Archaon on foot, Archaon on foot is impossible to rank up properly.

Enter the normal Chaos Lord. He might not be as impressive Archaon, he still is a nicely detailed figurine. Wielding two menacing battle axes, clad in some pretty sturdy looking armour and topped by one of the most cool looking helmets in the Chaos army, this guy shows he’s not to be messed with. And the best thing of all is that he ranks up nicely in a unit of Chaos Warriors.


To make the Chaos Lord stand out a bit more, I chose to do some slight variations in terms of colourscheme on this model. Instead of a normal iron or steel helmet, he got a golden helmet to show his elevated position over the other troops. In addition I painted up his cloak in a bright red, so he is visible from every angle and it is clear that this is a special model within an army of exceptional warriors. Finally did I pay a little extra attention to the detailing on this lad and gave most parts of the model an extra highlight or a bit more smooth painting. Like the rest of this army though, he did find a nice place to live abroad.


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