Arcane Ruined

Yesterday I wrote about the pleasant surprise I had when I had recieved and painted a set of three resin buildings. I noticed that the buildings were rather rich in detail and texture. But at the buildings are also rather basic in terms of shape. Because of this, the resin buildings I painted are not the eye catching centerpieces you might want on your wargaming battlefield.

Closeup of Arcane Ruines - Work in Progress
A closeup photo of the entrance of my Arcane Ruins

The Arcane Ruines made by Games Workshop are, in almost every way, the exact opposite of the resin buildings. I had seen this scenery set in a nearby Games Workshop store before, but I had never really inspected them close up. And I must say that the arcane ruines are both a disappointment AND a pleasant surprise. The arcane ruines are in overal terms of detailing your standard GW fare. They feature lots of skulls, some of which you can choose to add to your ruines. And I must admit that a number of ‘monster’ skulls look rather nice. The overal shape of the the ruines, that is the silhouette, is quite striking and will look pretty good on a gamingtable ready for a miniature war. And to improve the looks and shape, I added two statues (I wouldn’t know the company that made these, or for what game they are used) at the entrance of the ruins to give a little extra flair and character.

The detail itself is a small disappointment though. The model lacks texture, which makes painting less pleasurable. I prefer to drybrushing my terrain, because stone in particular looks much more natural with a the ‘grainy’ look that drybrushing gives. Another issue I have with this set, is the fact that once you have assembled the ruines you have huge mouldlines. Removing these mouldlines takes not only time, but you also remove some of the few details on the sides of the columns. All in all, I think these ruines will look good on the gamingtable with a Beastmen army wreaking havoc around them, but I would not wholeheartedly recommend them to everybody I know.

Overview of the entire ruined temple
Overview of the entire ruined temple after basing the model

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