Protection for the Count

Greatswords are the most resilent infantry and well trained infantry in the Empire. Because of this, Elector Counts, Burgermeisters and and other high ranking aristocrates and merchants favour greatswords to protect them from harm.

To show the affiliation with the count of Hochland, I chose the provincial flag of Hochland as the banner of this unit. But like many of my other regiments, the banner was not yet finished when I took this photograph. Unlike most other regiments in my Hochland army, I did not use a halved or quartered uniform on these troops. As the greatswords are covered in so much armour, this coloursceme would not be visible. Therefore I chose to paint the recesses of their tunic in red, while I painted all the ‘puffs’ on in green. It took a lot of time to get the effect right, but I am very happy with the end result.

Count Marius' Protection Retinue 1
Count Marius’ Protection Retinue
Count Marius' Protection Retinue 2
Fullplate armour gives the Greatswords a great militaristic appearance

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