It’s a Village People!

Scenery-Resin-Alchemist-Laboratory-2Last week I got a nice Warhammer deal on a Dutch second hand site. But when the huge package arrived at my doorstep, I was even more surprised by what I found inside. Because inside the incredibly large box I found more than I expected. The Tau army larger than anticipated. There were more Imperial Guard models inside than the seller had suggested. He had even included the sprues of the Bretonnian Men-at-Arms. Not a bad deal right?

The best thing though is the fact that the extra goodies didn’t t stop there! Under the extra paint pots he had included, I found a complete set of resin buildings. Buildings that are great for any fantasy wargame. And I expect that they will fit my Bretonnian army perfectly: large flagstone walls, slate roofs and basic ‘peasant’ shapes. In other words, a village for my villagers.

Scenery-Resin-tavern-2Upon closer inspection it becomes clear that these models do not compare well to modern resin sets (the copyright on the boxes say they were designed in 1995/1996). This might explain the basic shape, as modern resin building sets tend to be more extravagant in terms of design. The shape is also not helped by the fact that the houses are just 6 pieces: a square with a sloped roof on top of it. And maybe because of their basic shape, they also look rather stunning in an ensemble.

What surprised me most though, is the fact that the buildings do feature detailed interiors and are richly textured. The detail on the buildings is better than most Games Workshop sets. This makes them a pleasure to drybrush and with little effort you get great results. They might not be as ‘fantasy like’ as GW’s sets, and one building does feature skulls, they will be a great addition to my scenery collection.


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