I like strings

Nothing beats skirmishing archers in annoying warmachine crews and blocking march moves. But archers also have to look good. And because archers are skirmishers, they offer extra modelling opportunities since they do not have to rank up.

With the exception of a few bits here and there, the entire regiment has been created using the Empire Militia set. I did some cutting and repositioning to create more dynamic looking models. I really wanted these models to look like a unit that is in the middle of a fight. Ready to unleach a volly of arrows upon a hapless enemy. For this reason I added arrow to all the models, either in a position of reloading or ready to shoot. And to create that little bit of extra OOMPH, and because I like the looks, I added strings in all the bows.

Empire Archers
Strings in bows just give some extra oomph 🙂

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