Characters with Character

In my wargaming armies, I like to have some characters who have an own personalty. Most character models fit this ambition without any modification, and with a more elaborate paintjob than the common rank-and-file troops, to stand out on the battlefield. However, sometimes it’s just great to go a bit further. To customize character miniatures and create unique personalities that fit your army.

Marius Leitdorf - Elector Count of Hochland
Marius Leitdorf – Elector Count of Hochland

A character that needed, in my honest opinion, no modification was the old Elector Count model made in the 1990-ies by Games Workshop. This model is the actual figurine to represent Marius Leitdorf – Elector Count of Hochland, on the battlefield. And because this is the actual model to represent the ruler of my province, I also choose not to change too much in terms of coloursceme.

In terms of painting, this was a fairly basic paintjob. I used Games Workshop’s metallic colours for Marius’ armour and freehanded some small ‘Imperial’ heraldy figures on the horse armour. Finally, to keep the model in line with the rest of the army, I added some ‘red-green’ elements. The only shame to this model is the fact that the pointy bit on the horse armour has been damaged.


Hochland Battle Standard Bearer
Hochland Battle Standard Bearer

The Captain with Battle Standard is another unmodified model. I thought it would be a shame to modify this model, as this is a limited edition standard bearer that came with the Empire Armydeal in 2000. It is a shame that Games Workshop does not do actual deals anymore. Because this Empire armydeal offered real ‘bang-for-the-buck’.

Again, the paintjob is fairly basic. I opted for plain metal armour and small golden detailing. The banner itself is based on the coat of arms of the German state ‘Nord Rhine – Westphalia’ although I did change some small bits. These changes were done with the idea that I wanted to represent the Hochland province on the banner. The tree in the green field represents thus the forests of Hochland, while the river below represents the river Talabec. I did keep the horse from Nord Rhine – Westphalia heraldy, as I consider horses quite noble animals. Therefore I guessed that the aristocracy of Hochland would not mind me borrowing some iconography from other places.

Captain with Dragonbow
Captain with Dragonbow made from High Elf banner tops

Of the three characters here, I am most proud of my Captain with Dragonbow.  This character was entirely scrach build, or more precisely bit bashed. The model uses parts from the old plastic Empire command group, Empire Militia, Empire Knights and finally some High Elf Spearmen banner tops to make the dragonbow.

Like other characters , I kept the paintjob on this model in line with the rest of the army. But unlike the other characters, I went quite overboard on the shield. The Griffin on this shield took quite some time to paint and highlight, but it looks quite spectacular. The only thing I regret on this model is the fact that the way the shield is glued to the back of the model. But let’s face it, nothing is perfect…


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