Arm, Aim, FIRE!

No Empire army is complete without some powerful artillery pieces. And my Hochland army is no exception to this rule. Using bits from various Empire boxed sets, I have tried to create an artillery piece that both reflects the province on Hochland and with a crew that has a clear hierarchy. This means that the head of the crew has a head from the Knights of the Empire box and a pointing hand as if he is shouting commands to his crew.

Another thing I really like to do with my warmachines, is to give them round bases and create a sort of mini diorama. In this case I chose to put some pieces from the Empire artillery sprue onto the base. This to give the impression that the crew is working hard and keeping their tools nearby.

Hochland Cannon
Even though the crew of Hochland’s cannons hail from the province, the artillery itself comes from Nuln

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