A province of Handguns

Though Hochland is a relatively poor province within The Empire, it is also the birthplace of one of the most feared weapons in the Imperial arsenal. This weapon is the infamous Leon Todmeister’s Fantabulously Far-reaching Harquebus of Unforeseeable and Unperceived Bereavement, better known as the Hochland Longrifle.

Hochland is also a province of hunters and home to one of the most renowned huntsmen companies in the Empire: the Jeagercorps. For this reason, I wanted to include a fair number of handgunners regiments in my Empire army. Afterall, what is a Hochland army without handgunners and Hochland Longrifles? In the end I opted for three independent units of Handgunners, two with a marksman carrying a Hochland Longrifle and one with a repeater handgun.

Hochland´s First Regimental Handgunners
Hochland´s First Regimental Handgunners
Hochland's Second  Handgunner Company
Hochland’s Second Handgunner Company
Hochland's Third Handgunners Company (Work in Progress)
Hochland’s Third Handgunners Company (Work in Progress)




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