First among Equals

Every province in the Empire must supply a contigent of Halbardiers to the Imperial armies. Marius Leitdorf can’t negate this obligation of course. So to keep my army ‘in line with the Hochland fluff’, I wanted one nice unit of Halberdiers in my army.

Please note that this army is from before the 7th edition of Warhammer Fantasy. This means that large hordes of infantry were not yet rewarde with extra attacks or steadfast rules. Of all the units in my Hochland army, excluding combined spearmen units, the halbadiers were the largest regiment. And because of their status as Imperial contigent, I declared this unit ‘first among equals.’ And to show this status in battle as well, I gave them a nice magical banner to show off their prowness. In all honesty though, I only painted ‘first’ on the banner…

Hochland’s Halbards are the First among Equals

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